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Coming out later in 2013 Porsche has developed a mid-size luxury crossover, to be named the Macan. It was previously named the Cajun and is a smaller SUV than the Cayenne.

The Porsche Cayenne has been a huge hit for the sports-car brand and with the introduction of a smaller and less-expensive crossover; Porsche is hoping the Macan will really make an impact on the market. The Macan will share very similar architecture to the Audi Q5 but will be shorter and wider. Of course it will also feature the very unique Porsche-specific styling and will aim to provide a 911 driving experience while being more practical. Consumers will be able to choose from a turbocharged, 2.0-liter four-cylinder that produces about 237 horsepower and a supercharged V6 engine that produces close to 288 horsepower. There will also be a hybrid version of the car that can be driven on either battery or gas or both power sources. Porsche however has mentioned that added acceleration may take priority over fuel economy.

As per usual for Porsche the Macan will offer a long list of comfort, convenience, and trim options. The Macan will however be about function and should appeal to many buyers. Right now the Macan is still in its concept car stage and a lot of details are still unclear, but Arizona Porsche drivers should be happy to know production is said to start early 2013 and the car being released to dealerships a little later in 2013. One thing that is for sure is Porsche has a reputation for perfection and performance-oriented engineering, strong resale values, and high rankings amongst consumer surveys; making the Macan a perfect edition to the Porsche family and to your family as well.

For more information on the Macan or any other Porsche models check out your Arizona Porsche dealer.


Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the brain behind the design of the iconic Porsche 911, was found dead in Austria at the age of 76.

Ferdinand Alexander was grandson to Ferdinand Porsche, founder of Porsche, and son to Ferry Porsche an engineer at Porsche. While both his father and grandfather were engineers, Ferdinand Alexander never thought of himself as either an engineer or a designer but more of a talented craftsman. Although despite this he joined the engineering office of Porsche in 1958, and created his clay sculpture of the Porsche 901 which prompted him to move to the design studio. In 1962 “Butzi”, as Ferdinand’s friends called him, took over the Porsche design studio and a year later released the Porsche 901 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The name was then changed to 911 and production began in 1964, the rest is history.

The Porsche 911 was clearly what made Ferdinand Alexander an icon but that is not all he is famous for. He also designed the Porsche Type 804 Formula 1 racecar and the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS. Later in his life he created and founded the Porsche Design Studio, which creates all of the ‘lifestyle’ products sold at Porsche dealers. He remained working on the Porsche Design brand until his death.

Porsche president and CEO Matthias Müller said in an official statement, “We mourn the death of our partner, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. As the creator of the Porsche 911, he established a design culture in our company that has shaped our sports cars to this very day. His philosophy of good design is a legacy to us that we will honor for all time.”

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche will always be remembered for his revolutionary design and creative mind. Check out your Arizona Porsche dealer for more information on the Porsche 911.


The Porsche Boxster has remained relatively unchanged for eight years, but that all changes with the 2013 model. Being the first model of the Boxster’s third generation, the 2013 version is introduced with more definition and maturity.

The 2013 Boxster will get an entirely new engine that provides an additional 10 hp in comparison to previous models. The direct-inject 2.7-liter flat six-cylinder engine is smaller but runs at a high compression, and provides better acceleration and fuel economy than older models engines. The Boxster S model will keep its direct-inject 3.4 liter engine that produces 315 hp. Transmissions for both models include the standard six-speed manual and an optional seven-speed dual clutch “PDK” automatic. The Boxster still has as much power as ever, going from 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds and the Boxster S is beating that with a 0-60 time of 4.7 seconds.

Porsche announced the 2013 Boxster will have a 15 percent increase in fuel economy due to the addition of start-stop technology and engine management systems. The body of the car weighs about 100 pounds less on the new model, due to the fact most of the heavy steel components were replaced with a lighter aluminum. The lighter body in addition to the newly added electric steering system not only helps fuel costs, but also allows the Boxster to be extremely agile and precise.

A lot of the more visibly noticeable changes can be seen inside the car. There is additional space for both the driver and the passenger. The gauges, dash, and center console got an updated look which holds up to the car’s overall classy standard. The gear lever is close to the steering wheel which makes it easier for drivers to make fast gear changes. Another new feature is a power hardtop that folds out in 10 seconds that Porsche Arizona drivers are sure to use. There is an available Sound Plus Package that comes complete with a BOSE Surround Sound System, which has eight amplifiers and 10 loudspeakers for a 445 watt output. One thing definitely hasn’t changed about the Boxsters interior; the materials used are all high-quality, refined, and up to the expected Porsche standard.

The 2013 Porsche Boxsters will be available for purchase later this summer. Check out your Arizona Porsche Dealer for more information.