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Porsche of Tucson is the proud sponsor of the Tucson Porsche Club, also known as the Southern Arizona Region of the Porsche Club of America. Like typical car clubs, the Tucson Porsche Club participates in events like driving around together in tours, rallies or attending car shows. However, the Tucson Porsche Club also partakes in activities such as races, community service, and charitable activities.


Tucson Porsche Club tours last a few hours and often include a meal. Their latest tours have included a trip to Globe to see miniature animals and have lunch, the Amerind foundation and lunch in Willcox, and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.


Rallies are usually driven on regular roads, with both a driver and a navigator. The objective of a rally is to follow a course to the precise detail specified in the rules. Competitive rallies dictate a certain schedule for the checkpoints along the way. Points are deducted by arriving at the checkpoint either early or late. Fun rallies may include a gimmick, such as drawing a playing card at each checkpoint and the best poker hand wins the rally. Part of the challenge with a fun rally may be to discover the intended route, which may require other skills such as solving a puzzle or looking for obscure reference points.

Community Service

The Tucson Porsche Club believes that it is important to take care of the roads they drive on. That’s why the club has a permit from the Pima County Adopt-a-Roadway program to clean Orange Grove Rd between Oracle and 1st, in Tucson. The road is only 3/4 mile long and they normally gather at Beyond Bread at the southwest corner of Ina and Oracle for coffee and refreshments, obligatory signing of release forms and a safety briefing prior to work starting.


The Tucson Porsche club supports three major charities.  The Tucson Arthritis Support League established in 1977, is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to those living with arthritis. TASL has established a variety of programs to aid and assist those with arthritis; including self-help devices and scholarship awards. Arts Express Fine Arts Youth Academy believes the arts can change lives and build a better community. The Fine Arts Youth Academy opens up the world of the arts to children. The Academy gives school age children the opportunity to participate in opera, dance, orchestra, band, visual arts, mariachi, folklorico dance, and musical theatre. The Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities distributes of Holiday Food Baskets is an annual charitable activity for our Region on an annual basis. Selected families include children who have developmental disabilities, or are at risk of a developmental disability. These disabilities can include Dow’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, extreme pre-maturity, complex medical needs, and many families with a child that has multiple issues. The Child Family Services staff supports each family by helping them to look at the resources they have within their own family, friends, church, and their community.

For more information on the Tucson Porsche Club, visit an Arizona Porsche dealer.