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Few cars live to see their 50th year in production. Even fewer have been in continuously production for that long. The Porsche 911 is one of the time-tested few that can claim that 50-year trophy.

Inspired by Ferdinand Porsche Sr.’s VW Beetle of the 1930’s, the 911 was one of the first great sports cars to hit the streets. What makes the 911 a classic and what has allowed it to stand the test of time is how little it has changed. Porsche changes what it needs to every year, but does so trying not change anything that doesn’t need to be changed in order to increase performance. Staying true to its roots is what makes the 911 more of an icon than some American muscle cars of the 1950’s that are unrecognizable next to the modern versions of themselves. After 50 years, the 911 is still the flagship car of Arizona Porsche dealers.

The 911 has the look of an icon, as do many famous cars. What makes the 911 truly stand out and above the rest of the sports car world is its undisputed victories on the world’s most demanding racetracks. The 24 Hours of the Le Mans is the world’s oldest endurance race and one of the most famous races in the world. Porsche racing owns the most wins at the Le Mans and the 911 and versions of the 911 have been instrumental in claiming that title. Porsche’s first victory came in 1970 and its most recent title was won in 1998 using the historic Porsche 911 GT1-98. The 911 has also notched victories at tracks like Daytona and Sebring.

No car is as fast and as iconic as the 911. That is why many call the 911 “the” sports car. It has become the model of what people think a sports car is and that speaks more volumes than any victory in a race or magazine poll.  The 50th anniversary 911 will be available soon at your Porsche of Tucson dealer.


If the luxurious feel of your Porsche’s leather seat sends shivers up your spine, now you can feel that same leather without leaving your desk. And if the rumble of your 911 Carrera S 3.8L boxer engine isn’t enough for you, a Sport Exhaust System is available to create a ground-shaking experience for your ride. All of these accessories and more are available at Porsche of Tucson.

A Genuine Porsche leather desk pad, emblazoned with the Porsche logo and made of the same hide used in Porsche vehicles, allows you the tactile pleasure of your car seat without leaving your desk. Pair it with an organizer, mouse pad, a 911-inspired mouse, and a slick tabletop clock based on a 911-instrument, and you’ve got the makings of a Porsche interior for around $1050. The Sport Exhaust System, which provides a dynamic tone to the engine, is $3129.32 (plus installation), and comes with a peace of mind that only dealer-installed equipment can achieve.

“All equipment installed at Porsche of Tucson comes with a Porsche Factory Warranty,” explains David McCrory, Parts Consultant at Porsche of Tucson. “The benefit to buying Porsche parts and accessories from us is they are covered by a two-year unlimited warranty. You won’t get that from a third-party vendor.”

All-weather floor mats, another popular item, help keep gritty Arizona dirt from depositing into the carpet and are available starting at $76.49, depending on vehicle model and year. Looking for a gift that subtly reminds everyone that you own a high performance vehicle? The branded-polo shirts make that statement and start from $75. Porsche license plate holders in chrome or brushed-black go for $45; carbon fiber list for $75. And for the owner who takes pride in keeping a spotless car exterior, there are indoor/outdoor car covers. The indoor cover is made of breathable, anti-static dirt-resistant lightweight material and features the Porsche Crest and logo. The outdoor model is silver-colored and made to resist water, strong sunlight and includes anti-theft protection. As with many Porsche accessories, the covers are tailor-made for specific vehicle models.

“We have some accessories that make great gifts, like our 1/18th scale models,” McCrory said. “These are intricate, high-line models – not just molded plastic. There are actual seatbelts, rubber hoses, and other hand-crafted details. They are amazing to look at and are very popular.”

For the road warrior Porsche owner, fitting luggage into the front compartment of your 911 can be a challenge. How many bags will fit? What size do they need to be? Porsche takes the guesswork out of travelling by offering a luggage line that not only matches the color of your ride, it matches the cubic feet of your storage compartment.  Do you own Panamera? You can fit three AluFrame Medium suitcases into your rear luggage compartment. But if you own a 911 Carrera Cabrio, be prepared to pack lightly: It will fit exactly one XL AluFrame suitcase in the front luggage compartment. And that’s sans a wind deflector.

Whatever your Porsche-branded accessory delight is, Porsche of Tucson is your go-to source. Visit for more information.