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The new Porsche Panamera is everything a die-hard sports car fan would want. The biggest change is that a manual transmission will no longer be offered for this vehicle. Porsche decided to forgo a stick-shift because more and more consumers choose to drive automatics.

According to, the V6 engine packs a 310 horsepower punch. The Hybrid version received plug-in functionality and new batteries. The hybrid gets double the output thanks to a new motor. The Panamera diesel remains an option only for European drivers and will not be offered in the U.S.

For the regular models, a few adjustments have been made to the body to make it look sleeker. Full LED headlights will also be available for this new car.

The new Panamera’s starting price is around $78,000, which is $2,000 more than the previous model. The range of updated vehicles is expected to arrive at dealerships at the end of this year. To see the multiple Panamera vehicles visit a Porsche dealership.

According to, the 2014 Panamera gets about 27 mpg on the highway and 18 mpg in the city. Customers wanting some nice gadgets in the car will be pleased with the 7-inch touch screen control panel and a sound system that includes 10 speakers.

Other features include: Keyless entry, a driver’s footrest, a garage door transmitter, valet function, a navigation system and much more.

The Panamera was Porsche’s first four-door sedan and is sized between  a mid-size and full-size vehicle. The back seat fits two people and storage space can be found under the hatchback. According to Edmunds, the back seats can fold flat to create a larger storage area if necessary.

For more information about Porsche and the Panamera visit Porsche of Tucson. They are stocked with 2014’s for you to experience for yourself.