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Porsche is excited to introduce a one-of-a-kind model of the 911 in addition to the Porsche Boxster – the Black Edition Carrera. The primary highlight of the newest arrival is the combination of it’s jet black exterior and interior. The rich black color highlights the curves of this streamlined, sporty vehicle. As the name suggests, the color black is a mandate, while Jet Black Metallic also is available. Some technological sophistication has been added to both the Boxster and the 911 Carrera in areas such as the headlights, sound system and wheels. Drivers will be happy with new features such as rear-view mirrors that dim, embossed headrests, temperature-setting seats, unique door sills with the Black Edition logo, uniquely steering wheel, and many more.

The 911 Carrera Black Edition has followed the model of the standard variant, which is powered by a 3.4-litre flat-six mill. The flat-six mill generates an impressive 350 hp. A coupe or convertible model is available. Both versions come with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options. The 911 Carrera Black Edition also includes frontal-view park assist in addition to a rear “smart” reversing camera, dynamic lighting LED headlamps, and 20-inch turbo wheels. However there’s even more, let’s not forget to mention the gorgeous black interior emanating an aura of sheer class and beauty. Both the driver and passenger get the chance to sit on heated sports seats. The experience of the drive will be enhanced by listening to an awesome standard Bose® Surround Sound System.

Boxster Black Edition was also created to be just as attractive to Boxster fans as the standard edition. The speedy Boxster soars with a 2.7-litre flat-six mill that generates approximately 265 hp. The color scheme is adjusted well enough to emphasize the soft top and supplemental safety bar, both of which have been provided with a sparkling black finish. A wind deflector has also been added. Just like the Carrera, this model also sports 20-inch Carrera Classic wheels and Bi-Xenon headlamps with Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS). Both driver and passenger get dual-zone air conditioning accompanied by heated seats maximizing the comfort level. Navigation duties are handled by the Porsche Communication System. It also delivers a sound package plus audio system and park assist for front and rear,which have been added as a standard on the Boxster Black.

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boxter spyder

Hear Exhaust Echo With Wind in Your Hair

Driving the 2016 Porsche Boxter Spyder with the top up is a little like ordering chicken fried steak without the mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s still very good, but you’re losing a lot in the translation. The first incarnation of the Boxter Spyder convertible came with a top that required a fleet of Army engineers to put up and down. Thankfully Porsche has rectified that in the latest manual version, which now requires only six steps to change position as opposed to 15 in the 2011 version. Once the top is down, you can show off the best profile of this luscious sport coupe that features lines that could only come from the designers at Porsche. See the new Boxter Spyder for yourself by taking a trip to Porsche of Tucson.

New Version Features 375 Horsepower Flat Six

By borrowing the engine from the 911 Carrerra S and fine tuning it to pump out 375 horsepower, Porsche has created the most powerful Boxter ever. It also cut around 72 pounds, making it the lightest Boxter. Add the combination and you get a recipe for excitement. A firm suspension system give you excellent response when taking the car through its paces on a challenging road with hairpin turns. Uneven roads may make the wheels bounce a bit, but the body holds steady and is easy to control. It takes you until about 6,700 rpm for the maximum horsepower to kick in, exercising the Boxter’s mighty roar to full volume. There is such a range to second gear that it’s perfect for cruising through small towns until you can get back on the road and unleash the beast.

Inside and Out, Design and Materials Spell Porsche

Designers didn’t forget to put all the legendary pieces on the Porsche Boxter Spyder that you can find in other Porsche models. From the upswept headlights to the bulges behind the mini roll bars, car aficionados will have no trouble identifying who made this car. Just in case, Spyder logos sit atop both rear quarter panels. On the interior, trim in the color of the body is used just enough to accentuate the use of luxurious leather that runs throughout. Well-bolstered sport buckets will hold you in position as you whip through curves. Instrumentation is placed for easy access so you can focus on the road. Take a test drive for yourself at Porsche of Tucson.

It’s not a 918, but…

While the Boxter Spyder is not the high performance convertible that the Porsche 918 Spyder is, chances are it’s performance will be good enough when you consider the price difference. Starting at just over $82,000, one can’t say the Boxter is cheap, but it certainly looks inexpensive when compared to the $845,000 price tag of the 918 Spyder. Do you want a Porsche convertible that’s tons of fun without spending all of your inheritance? Give the Boxter Spyder a try.