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porsche navigation

Owners of Older Porsches Get Tech Update

It takes more than the lack of a navigation system and other creature comforts for an owner of an older Porsche sports car to even think about getting rid of his or her baby. After a successful run in Europe last year, the Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System is now being offered in the United States at dealerships like Porsche of Tucson. Built to mimic the size and style of the original radio in earlier Porsches, the unit features a 3.5-inch display, two main knobs and some stealthily arranged buttons. It also has an input for a satellite radio tuner.

Fits Variety of Older Models

The new Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System is built to seamlessly fit into the dash of many older models, from the first 911 ever produced in the 1960s to the last air-cooled model in 1998. The system also works with the 912, 914, 968, 944, 928 and 924 body styles. The new navigation system also offers Bluetooth connection so you can stream music or make calls with your smart phone. Two USB ports and other interfaces offer many choices for plugging in your personal music.

Integrated Amplifier Works With Original Sound System

The new Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System can either be hooked up to new speakers or connected directly to the original stereo system by using an adapter cord. The system has an integrated four-channel, 45-watt amplifier that delivers crystal clear sound. An integrated antenna helps improve reception for stunning FM radio reception at long distances from the generating source. The precise GPS system has been tested both at Munich’s Technical University and on the roadways of the United States and Canada to ensure precise directions. You can choose either arrows or multi-dimensional maps to guide your way. All maps are stored on cards that can easily be updated from your home computer. Stop by the parts and service department at Porsche of Tucson today to inquire about your new Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System.

New Cars Have Porsche Communication Management System

Of course, if you haven’t purchased your dream car, all new models have the Porsche Communication Management System available. This 7-inch touchscreen controls all audio, communication and navigation features. A simple hand gesture brings the screen to life, displaying the menu of choices. A CD/DVD drive has an internal hard drive that can store your music, or simply use your smartphone to stream your tunes via Bluetooth connectivity. Hands-free calling allows you to keep your eyes on the road while remaining in touch with friends and co-workers.

Porsche Cayman

Porsche Deploying Boxster Engine in Cayman

Shortly after the 718 Boxster made its debut, Porsche has decided to implement the same engine in a redeveloped 718 Cayman. The turbocharged 4-cylinder flat engine is a 2.0L monster, developing 300 horsepower in the entry-level model. Step up to the S brand and you get a slightly larger motor (2.5L) that generates an additional 50 horses. The base model now has 280 pound feet of torque, an increase of 90 from the previous generation. The 2.5L delivers 310 pound feet, or 37 more than previously produced. The base 718 Cayman hits 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds on its way to a top track speed of 170 mph. The Cayman S knocks a half-second off the 60 mph time while generating a max speed of 177 mph. Stop by Porsche of Tucson to compare both models and pick the one that’s right for you.

New Design Delivers Aggressive Stance

The taut new design of the 718 Cayman delivers a more aggressive look than the previous model, with a sharper profile, wider front end and large cooling air intakes. Look at the new Cayman from the side and you’ll notice the pronounced wings and sills. A wider rear end and newly designed taillights round out the exterior. A three-dimensional look to the rear lights makes them appear to float in space, a design technique that makes the Cayman as unique as it is fun to drive.

PCM Now a Standard Feature

The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system is a standard feature in the 718 Cayman, delivering a 150-watt concert quality sound package, streaming Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free calling. You can add options to the PCM including Apple CarPlay and a navigation module that allows you to plan routes simply using your voice. The PCM comes with a CD/DVD drive and a hard drive that allows you to store music internally. Two SD card slots provide access for even more music, books or podcasts. Wireless Internet access is also available, turning your Cayman into a rolling hot spot.

Mid-Engine Sports Car Offers Many Advantages

Once you drive a mid-engine sports car like the Porsche 718 Cayman, you’ll come away wondering why it took you so long to become a convert. Greater handling, superior performance and even a greater cargo area thanks to an open hood and trunk compartment all add up to create something special. Head over to Porsche of Tucson and give the Cayman a test drive. Chances are you’ll end up taking one home.