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Commute Daily to Work with 2015 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

The 2015 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid has successfully bridged the gap between amazing power and clean burning fuel efficiency. This luxury SUV was designed for both the environmentalist as well as the car enthusiast. One will really appreciate the ability of the car to be plugged in and be driven on battery power alone while the other will love the 3.0-liter 333 hp supercharged V-6 engine that is highly responsive anytime you touch the gas. The driver can make full use of the 416 hp potential by making use of both electric and gas engines. You can find this recent Porsche Cayenne edition at the Porsche of Tucson dealership.

So here’s the number one question: does the Cayenne S E-Hybrid make a good city commute vehicle?

If you are in the city or the highway, both engines work together seamlessly to provide both an economical and powerful ride.

The Cayenne S E-Hybrid, unlike other hybrids, has options to charge its electric battery fully without having to plug it in. While in a traffic jam or in stop and go driving in the city, the Cayenne S E-Hybrid driver has the option to switch to the more efficient electric driving mode.

This is referred to as E-Power mode and can be activated by simply pushing a button on the console. The driver can travel up to 14 miles in all-electric power mode without having to worry about a decrease in acceleration. The electric motor will perform effortlessly up to 78 mph.

The really unique feature of the Cayenne is its ability to fully recharge the battery with the electric engine when in E-Charge mode. Similar to how drivers can engage E-power in heavy traffic or when conditions are unsuitable for the gas engine, they can engage the E-Charge mode. In this mode the gas engine charges the battery if they have been drained or anytime the electric driving mode isn’t as efficient like on the highway.

If you happen to be cruising at over 70 mph, you can engage the E-Charge mode to recharge the battery. Once you exit the highway you can switch back to E-Power and have a zero emission drive to your home. This is one of the new features that vehicle makers are trying to refine – ways to improve efficiency without impacting performance or the vehicle’s ability to go on long road trips.

However you will need to plug in the Cayenne S E-Hybrid to get the full benefits of this vehicle. A standard 3.6-kW battery will fully charge the vehicle in just 2.7 hours and using an $840 on-board 7.2-kW charger, the job will be done in just 1.3 hours.

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