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Drive Your Dream Porsche at Porsche Drive


Boxter, 9ll or Cayman, the Choice is Yours

Perhaps you are a Porsche owner who absolutely loves your 911, but have been considering buying a Cayenne. Or maybe you’ve been longing for Porsches from a distance, unsure if it’s a wise investment. For whatever reason you’ve been wanting to drive a Porsche, now you can pilot the model of your dreams in a controlled situation through Porsche Drive. The program allows you to pick your car, make a reservation and then drive your selected model to experience the spills and thrills of this adrenalin rush. The best part is you get to take a vacation to experience these incredible machines. Porsche Drive is only available at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, the Porsche Center in Berlin, or Porsche Drive in Rotkreuz, Switzerland.

Of Course, There are Some Rules

There are some rules to being able to experience an afternoon in a Porsche, but not too many. You have to be at least 27 (sorry kids) and have had a valid driver’s license for at least 5 years. All payments are made by credit card, with a deposit of 2,500 Euros. If you own a Porsche Card S or are a Porsche Club member, you do receive a 10 percent discount on the car rental rates. Naturally, it’s much less expensive to just head over to Porsche of Tucson, view the inventory and take a couple of test drives. You won’t be allowed to push the cars to their limits, but you can still get a good feel for the performance, handling and overall excitement that comes from sitting in the pilot’s seat of one of the world’s best driving machines.

Porsche Museum a Tribute to Excellence

If you choose the Porsche Museum as your Porsche Drive destination, be sure an allow ample time to tour the facility’s exhibits. Built as a testament to Professor Ferdinand Porsche and the company he created, the museum features more than 80 special models including the 356, 550, 917 and 911. You’ll learn about the company’s history and its stunning success on the European motorsport tour. The “Porsche Idea” display explains what it’s like to work at the company and how passion and spirit drive everything they make. Exhibits rotate for anniversaries and special occasions. A 12-meter long touch wall is a great place to interact with 90 years of history through pictures, drawings and technical information. For a more local option to experience the Porsche Idea, stop by Porsche of Tucson and take some time to appreciate the entire inventory of precision-crafted vehicles.

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