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Former NFL star Dhani Jones goes on a road trip around the U.S. in the new Boxster

To celebrate the release of the 2013 Porsche Boxster, NFL star and Travel Channel TV host Dhani Jones is taking a road trip from New York City all the way to the Porsche Driving School in Alabama, in the new Porsche Boxster. Porsche deemed the adventure “The Spirited Escape Road Trip” and at each stop along the way Jones meets with a Porsche enthusiast to learn more about the Porsche brand.

The road trip starts in New York City where he cruised up Madison Avenue, down Seventh Avenue, through Times Square and over the Brooklyn Bridge to 718 Cyclerly. At 718 he met with Joe Nocella a custom bike craftsman where he learned to appreciate that every component of his craft is done with detail and purpose as is the art of creating a Porsche.

Next Dhani headed to Washington D.C where he meets with Eric Hilton a member of Thievery Corporation. At this stop Dhani and Eric have a jam session and make some music before heading out to Charlottesville, Virgina.

The third stop, in Charlottesville, was all about the food. Jones met Chef Marc Gregse at his restaurant L’etoile. Chef Marc showed Dhani Jones how engineering his passion for cooking was similar to the passion Porsche designers have for the brand. Dhani also took Chef Marc on a special ride in the Boxster, which he obviously enjoyed.

After nearly a week Dhani makes it to Birmingham, AL to the beautiful Barber Motorsports Park, the home of the Porsche Sport Driving School. The experience at the racetrack seems to complete his new perspective on the full power and comfort of the Boxster. Jones hangs with Hurley Hayword the chief driving instructor and world famous endurance-racing driver and learns how to drive, take corners, and push the Porsche to its limits. He also had the chance to see iconic Porsche models from over the years, including a 910, 550 Spyder, Carrera GT, RS 60, 904, 914-6 Roadster, and 914-6 Coupe.

Dhani Jones is now hosts his own show on the Travel Channel, Dhani Tackles the Globe, where he attempts to learn new sports unknown to most Americans.  He also is a founding partner of the creative agency VMG creative.  Prior to this, he spent 10 years in the NFL with the Giants, Eagles, Saints, and Bengals. For more information on the “Spirited Escape Road Trip” you can head to or for a test drive of the 2013 Boxster head to your Arizona Porsche dealer.

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