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New Chassis System Increases Porsche 911 Performance


New Technology Makes Superb Driving Machine Better

By adding a ton of new technology to their already superior chassis setup, Porsche has made the new 911 a race car that’s perfect for the track or exercising your oats on a wild mountain run. With features like Porsche Traction Management, Porsche Torque Vectoring, Porsche Active Suspension Management and rear axle steering, the engineers have taken the Porsche 911 to a whole new stratosphere in terms of handling and performance where the rubber meets the road. With Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control keeping the roll in check when attacking hairpin turns at high speed, the 911 is the ultimate driving machine. Check it out with a visit to Porsche of Tucson.

Porsche Traction Management Distributes Power

PTM is part of the all wheel drive Porsche 911 that senses where power is needed and distributes the juice to help you keep maximum control. By using an electronic multi-plate clutch connected to sensors, the system instantly transfers power from one axle to another. Sensors collect a variety of data, including how fast all the wheels are spinning, and the longitudinal and lateral speed of the car. This system works in conjunction with Porsche Stability Management to give you the maximum control and performance at all times.

Porsche Torque Vectoring Puts the Brakes on Body Roll

PTV is a system that relies on using a rear differential lock in conjunction with the rear brakes to keep your vehicle stable in tight turns. When you attack a corner, physics demand that your car begin to roll to the inside of the curve. By applying slight brake pressure to the inside rear wheel and adding more power to the outside wheel, PTV helps keep your vehicle level so it can take the turn as if it was connected to a set of rails.

Porsche Active Suspension Management Adjusts Damping on Fly

By continually adjusting the damping on each wheel as the situation demands, PASM gives you increased stability, a more comfortable ride and better times on closed tracks. You can select two modes: Normal gives a nice mix of handling and a comfortable ride, while the Sport mode tightens things up to increase performance even more. In combination with rear axle steering, PASM increases handling and stability. Rear axle steering also helps in everyday errands by providing increased maneuverability in urban congestion. Test drive the Porsche 911 today at Porsche of Tucson and see what fun is all about.

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