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Panamera and Cayenne S E-Hybrids Push All Right Buttons


Power and Grace the Result of this Alliance

Add the name Porsche in front of any automotive discussion and you automatically raise the interest level of any red-blooded gear head. So when Porsche decided to create a pair of fuel-efficient hybrids from the Panamera sedan and Cayenne SUV, consumers eagerly awaited the final product. Dubbed the S E-Hybrid, the new versions of the Panamera and Cayenne are now available for inspection at your Porsche of Tucson dealer.

Panamera S E-Hybrid Tops 170 mph

Blazing off the line to hit 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds, the Porsche Panamera hybrid utilizes a combination of the 95-horsepower electric motor and 333 horse 3.0-liter V6 to top out at 170 mph. Using the electric engine alone, the car can reach a very respectable 83 mph with a range of about 15 miles. To achieve the best performance at the expense of a little gas mileage, let the gas and electric engines work together to produce 416 total horsepower while achieving 50 mpge. Other features like auto start/stop shuts the power down when sitting at a stop light, while coasting unlinks the driveline from the engine to ensure deceleration doesn’t occur as the result of engine braking.

Cayenne Performance a Bit off Panamera Pace

The Cayenne and Panamera S E-Hybrids both share the same engine setup, but the lighter weight of the sedan coupled with some aerodynamic advantages give it the performance edge over the big SUV. Still, the Cayenne reaches 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds on the way to a top speed of 151 mph. Utilizing the electric engine alone, the Cayenne gets about the same range as the Panamera but can only achieve 73 mph on the highway. Previous versions of the Cayenne offered superior handling on the pavement, but weren’t really made for severe off-road excursions. That hasn’t changed with the hybrid model, but when you spend $80,000 for a vehicle you probably aren’t going to want to challenge nature’s ability to mess up the paint.

Porsche Character Reflected in Each Vehicle

Whether its one of the new hybrids or a version of the classic 911 sports car, the character that comes along with a Porsche name badge comes from scrutinizing every detail and challenging the status quo. Stop by Porsche of Tucson and see why this iconic automaker is synonymous with a sophisticated and thrilling driving experience.

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