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Porsche 911 GT3 a Phenomenal Racecar


Fast, Fun and Phenomenal, This Car’s Built for Cornering

True enough, the 2015 Porsche 911 GT3 goes from 0-60 in an eye-blinking 3.1 seconds and reaches almost 123 miles per hour in the quarter mile, but the real fun of driving this testament to testosterone is how it handles hairpin curves. Although technically a street car, the GT3 is tuned to handle the toughest road courses without fear of launching yourself into a gully. Feel the rear end release as you power through a corner, allowing a slight amount of drift that makes both you and the car feel alive. Check out the GT3 at Porsche of Tucson for a test drive (within the speed limit, of course).

Weight Distribution is Key to Cornering

The engineers at Porsche have been building racecars long enough to know a few things about weight distribution and fine-tuning suspension. By placing 60 percent of the car’s weight in the rear, the Porsche 911 GT3 distributes the acceleration g-force to both axles. Although the car’s engine only produces 475 horsepower, those are well-trained horses that make good use of the vehicle’s 6.9 pound per horsepower output. A seven-speed automatic transmission knows exactly when to shift, leaving you to concentrate on its exhilarating ride. A launch program knows precisely how much horsepower to deliver without spinning the tires.

GT3 Design Doesn’t Stray Far from 911 Line

Although the GT3 resembles the 911 Carrera S in many ways, its design is distinctive both inside and out. Three large air ducts on the front and a recessed front bumper provide both functionality and a warning that this monster is waiting to be unleashed. The large wing on the back and an air intake provides fresh oxygen to the inline six-cylinder engine. It’s a little larger and heavier than the Carrera, but the interior is all Porsche. The use of high-performance materials on the dash and center console makes an appealing cockpit. Carbon fiber seats and aluminum pedals remind you that you’re in a racing vehicle, but available twin-zone air conditioning provides just the right amount of creature comforts.

2016 GT3 RS to Receive New Engine

When Porsche launches its new GT3 RS next year, it will be with a new engine design expected to deliver at least 25 more horsepower than the current model. Additional use of carbon fiber is expected to lower the weight of the vehicle, producing an even more prodigious racing machine. Porsche also hints that the new GT3 may have an optional manual gearbox, designed for the true racing aficionados who like to milk every last rpm from each shift. As for the rest of the Porsche 911 models, expect a switch to all-turbo charge engines in 2016. Keep in touch with Porsche of Tucson for the latest offerings from the iconic carmaker.

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