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Porsche Driving Experience Helps Master the Manual


Let Your Right Arm and Two Legs Work in Unity

For those who have never tried to drive a stick shift, it can become an exercise in frustration. Those who have perfected the art know that a properly executed shift is something to celebrate as they depress the clutch, move the gear, release the clutch and stomp on the accelerator all at the precise moments for optimum performance. For those who tried to learn to shift in the Costco parking lot only to leave their dad in tears and inventing new swear words, the manual transmission is viewed as a sure sign of the Apocalypse. Luckily for them, Porsche offers a driving experience where they can learn to “Master the Manual” with a personal driving coach in a controlled environment.

Master the Manual Progresses Through Three Porsches

When you start the program, you’ll be in the Cayman S, a sporty but steady car that is built to handle curves. Once you’re feeling comfortable, you step up to the Cayman GTS and then finally move into the Cayman GT4. Offered at the Porsche track in Atlanta, the Master the Manual program starts on a large asphalt pad where you test your ability to handle speed and lane-changing in a safe environment. From there you move to the 1-mile racetrack with corners and a number of dips and climbs. Your personal coach will help you choose a path through the curves as well as known when to brake and when to accelerate. Of course, if you’ve already mastered the manual shift you can take advantage of your knowledge and go test drive one of the vehicles at Porsche of Tucson.

Move on to Low Friction

Once you’ve mastered the track, your coach will take you to the low-friction circle and test track where you’ll hone your skills and experience how Porsche has designed over-steer into the handling capabilities of the vehicle. Through a series of tight turns and different elevations, your goal will be to make the engine sing as you power through the gears and maintain control. Finally, you move onto the kick plate, which mimics how a vehicle might lose control in raining or icy weather. If you can handle that, you can say you’ve truly “Mastered the Manual” and you can come home and impress your dad.

Now’s the Time to Buy a Porsche

Once you show dad how well you can power through the gears, it’s time to take him to Porsche of Tucson and pick yourself out a new ride. You can’t go wrong no matter what Porsche you pick, but choose one where you can put the top down. Drop the top and put that baby through its paces in one of the canyons on the outskirts of Tucson so you can hear the roar echoing off the canyon walls. Dad just might come up with some new words to describe the experience.

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