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Porsche Hits 50,000 Vehicles Delivered in First Quarter


Automaker Builds off Last Year’s Success

With slightly more than 20,000 vehicles delivered worldwide in March, Porsche announced it hit a milestone of 50,000 vehicles sold in the first quarter of the year. That’s the first time the company ever sold that many vehicles in one quarter, many of them to customers who had never owned a Porsche before. The first quarter of 2015 represents a 32 percent increase from the same time period in the previous year, with much of the success attributed to a more diversified product line that includes SUVs like the Cayenne and smaller Macan.

Macan Off to Great Start

Swing by your Porsche of Tucson dealership and see why the Macan got off to such a great start in its first month of sales last April. The new, smaller and more affordable Macan sold 1,263 units in the United States, just 31 vehicles less than the more established Cayenne and more than the popular 911, Boxter, Cayman and Panamera. The Macan continued to be a popular seller throughout 2014 and that momentum has carried into this year. “The successful launch of the Macan has buoyed our brand,” said Porsche board member Bernhard Maier.

Macan Carries Porsche Reputation at Affordable Price

By carrying the name Porsche, the Macan has a big reputation to live up to and by all accounts its doing a great job. Starting at just a bit above $50,000, this is the little SUV that could with an engine that delivers 340 horsepower while still producing 23 miles per gallon on the highway. It’s not the fastest Porsche, but it only takes 5.2 seconds to get from 0 to 60 miles per hour, which is plenty quick enough for freeway merges and getting around those big trucks on mountain roads. The Macan has the benefit of utilizing all the Porsche technology, including a start/stop function that turns off the engine when you stop at a traffic light. Driver select modes let you fine tune the suspension and throttle for those times when you want to challenge a closed track or take a run through some hairpin corners.

Not Your Mama’s Compact SUV

The functionality of compact SUVs is making them a popular choice for carrying the kids around and making an occasional trip to the big box store. Other than that, they’re fairly boring unless you’re driving a Macan. Most have five doors and five seats, but what sets the Macan apart is the heritage that comes from years of racing through closed European tracks. Head to Porsche of Tucson and drive the Macan yourself to feel the Porsche lineage pulsing through the steering wheel as you experience the thrill of being part of something truly special.

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