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Porsche Taking Cruise Control to a New Level with InnoDrive Technology


Can a cruise control system really reduce your stress when driving for long periods? Not having to constantly brake and accelerate can reduce driver fatigue. Just having to steer is a big relief for many drivers. Many automakers are including adaptive cruise control along with some type of lane keeping assistance to make traveling on the highways more peaceful.

Well Porsche is looking to add a little more excitement to the mix with their in-development InnoDrive that aims to add performance to the mix.

Car and Driver reported that the German car maker is fine tuning a system that will let Porsche vehicles produce as much as 0.7g of lateral acceleration without any throttling from the driver.

InnoDrive performs by calibrating pavement levels as well as turn radii together with essential data such as velocity, elevation, space between automobiles, and lane location. The system regulates the car’s throttle and brakes, optimally performing perfect entries and exits each time. The driver is able to pre-program his cornering aggression in advance, enabling the Porsche to power through curves at somewhere between 0.5g and 0.7g. The driver still has to steer the car though.

Isn’t it strange that the producer of some of the best performing sports cars anywhere would design a system that essentially removes the driver somewhat from the equation? Porsche’s approach is that faster is more efficient, and thus making saving fuel even more fun. They feel that the more speed you can take into a turn, the less energy the engine will need to accelerate after.

This could mean fuel consumption can be reduced by almost 10% according to Porsche and reducing travel times by 2% on average. InnoDrive is designed to execute acceleration when the engine is in it optimal operating range. It can even tell when you are going up inclines and builds momentum to go over inclines at an optimal speed.

Some people are apprehensive about this technology. One of the concerns is if the system will adjust to inclement weather. If not it could just be an accident waiting to happen. Some consumers also feel the joy of driving would be taken from the driver.

Production-model Porsche vehicles won’t have InnoDrive until the end of the decade, however Porsche of Tucson is looking forward to the new technology!

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