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Motor Trend Loves Little Roadster

When Motor Trend does a vehicle review, they always quote a bunch of numbers like speed to 60 mph, braking distance, g force, etc., but the editors pretty well summed up what they thought of the latest incarnation of the Porsche Boxster S when they said driving it is “delightful.” With 350 horsepower and a top speed of 177 mph, this little roadster provides a thrill a minute. Experience the thrills today by taking a test drive at Porsche of Tucson.

What Makes the New 718 so Special?

Imagine a small car with the power of a 60s’ muscle car, but the handling of a Formula One racer and a design that makes everyone stop and look. That, in a nutshell, is why the Porsche 718 Boxster S is a special vehicle. Add to that a mid-engine layout that allows for tons of space in two different luggage compartments and you have the perfect vehicle for a week-long drive up the Pacific Coast. The positioning of the engine provides dynamic cornering capability that is enhanced by near-perfect weight distribution. You and a special someone will enjoy the comfort of thickly bolstered seats that keep you in place as you attack corners like a dog attacks a bone, braking gently as you enter then quickly accelerating as you power through to the straightaway.

New Boxster Full of Highlights

There are plenty of things to love about the new Porsche Boxster S. That includes a multifunctional sport steering wheel that gives you the ability to change driving modes. Opt for the PASM sport suspension and your low ride height will be dropped by another 20 mm, taking the center of gravity down as far as possible. The new turbo engine still provides the familiar Porsche guttural roar that becomes even more dynamic with the Sport exhaust system. Lane Change Assist keeps you from drifting on those long road trips, while adaptive dampers let you tune the suspension from sporty to a more comfortable ride. One of the things you might come to appreciate most about the new Porsche Boxster S is the increased legroom, letting you stretch out for comfort.

Interior Oriented for Performance

A lot of thought went into the interior design of the new Porsche 718 Boxster S, placing all the controls in just the right position to deliver information and help drivers avoid fatigue. The new horizontal dashboard design is striking, while the rising center console brings the gear shift closer to the steering wheel, cutting nano-seconds off your track time. The new Boxster S is a stunning vehicle that’s delightful to drive. Fill your delight quota for the day by taking a test drive at Porsche of Tucson.


Twenty Years Later, Boxster Features New Engine

The newest versions of the Porsche Boxster, named 718 and 718S after the mid-engine sports car that dominated the racing circuit in the mid-20th Century, features a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers up to 350 horsepower. This newly developed engine comes in a 2.0-liter configuration for the 718, pushing out 300 horses. The 718S has a 2.5-liter motor that also has a turbocharger that uses variable turbine geometry to generate 35 more horses than its predecessor. Both engines are also 14 percent better when it comes to fuel mileage than previous Boxsters. Check in with the pros at Porsche of Tucson in late June when the new Boxster models are due to arrive.

Retuned Suspension Provides Premium Driving Thrills

With a new electric steering system and completely retuned suspension, the 718 Porsche Boxster pays tribute to its namesake with superior handling and agility. Add the optional Porsche Active Suspension Management system and you get a little lower ride height as well as the ability to select the type of suspension you need for your day’s drive. Choose the comfort setting for the smoothest ride, or dial it up to Sport to help you take corners more aggressively.

Wider Stance Provides Athletic Appearance

Along with a new engine and retuned suspension, Porsche let designers take a sculpting knife to the body. The result is a wider front end with large cooling intakes to service the turbocharger. The profile is sharper than before, with independent wings and large inlet air panels that deliver a dynamic look. The wide rear fascia mirrors the front. Three-dimensional LED taillights and four-point brake lights help your Boxster stand out from the crowd

Sport Chrono Package Ups Driving Ante

Now you don’t have to spring for a 911 to get the Porsche Sport Chrono Package. Buy a 718 or 718S and the package is available, allowing you to program the engine and transmission for the best performance. You can still chose the Normal, Sport or Sport Plus setting, or fine tune the response to your liking. Porsche Communication Management is a standard feature on the new Boxster, delivering a 110-watt sound package along with audio interfaces and hands free phone connectivity. Check in with Porsche of Tucson at the beginning of Summer to see how the new Boxster has upped the ante on a premium driving experience.

Porsche is excited to introduce a one-of-a-kind model of the 911 in addition to the Porsche Boxster – the Black Edition Carrera. The primary highlight of the newest arrival is the combination of it’s jet black exterior and interior. The rich black color highlights the curves of this streamlined, sporty vehicle. As the name suggests, the color black is a mandate, while Jet Black Metallic also is available. Some technological sophistication has been added to both the Boxster and the 911 Carrera in areas such as the headlights, sound system and wheels. Drivers will be happy with new features such as rear-view mirrors that dim, embossed headrests, temperature-setting seats, unique door sills with the Black Edition logo, uniquely steering wheel, and many more.

The 911 Carrera Black Edition has followed the model of the standard variant, which is powered by a 3.4-litre flat-six mill. The flat-six mill generates an impressive 350 hp. A coupe or convertible model is available. Both versions come with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options. The 911 Carrera Black Edition also includes frontal-view park assist in addition to a rear “smart” reversing camera, dynamic lighting LED headlamps, and 20-inch turbo wheels. However there’s even more, let’s not forget to mention the gorgeous black interior emanating an aura of sheer class and beauty. Both the driver and passenger get the chance to sit on heated sports seats. The experience of the drive will be enhanced by listening to an awesome standard Bose® Surround Sound System.

Boxster Black Edition was also created to be just as attractive to Boxster fans as the standard edition. The speedy Boxster soars with a 2.7-litre flat-six mill that generates approximately 265 hp. The color scheme is adjusted well enough to emphasize the soft top and supplemental safety bar, both of which have been provided with a sparkling black finish. A wind deflector has also been added. Just like the Carrera, this model also sports 20-inch Carrera Classic wheels and Bi-Xenon headlamps with Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS). Both driver and passenger get dual-zone air conditioning accompanied by heated seats maximizing the comfort level. Navigation duties are handled by the Porsche Communication System. It also delivers a sound package plus audio system and park assist for front and rear,which have been added as a standard on the Boxster Black.

You can find Porsche 911Carrera models at the Porshe of Tucson. Visit our dealership to take a Porsche model for a test spin today!


Are you a Porsche lover but find the 911 out of your price range? Don’t give up your dream of owning a Porsche just yet. The German auto maker has just released GTS versions of the Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman, both making their global premier at the Auto Show in Beijing China last year.

GTS or in Porsche culture Gran Turismo Sport, made it first appearance on the 1963 904 Carrera GTS. Now seems like the perfect time to introduce the GTS badge to the mid-engine sports cars the Boxster and Cayman, both available at Porsche of Tucson.

The new GTS models will be equipped with the two most powerful engines ever produced for the Boxster or Cayman. Both sport car engines output great torque and high output of power and higher revs, which redline at 7,800 rpm.

Derived from the Cayman S and Boxster S 3.4-liter flat-six engines, the GTS versions are slightly turned to deliver 15 more horsepower, resulting from the optimized control of the combustion method by adjustable control over the intake camshaft to supply valve timing adjustment (VarioCam Plus). As a result, the Boxster GTS now has 330 horsepower output and the Cayman GTS outputs 340 horsepower.

Both the Boxster GTS and Cayman GTS are lighter than the 911 and both will provide the expected thrilling ride of a Porsche 911.

Torque has been increased nominally and will kick in at the 4,500 rpm to 5,800 rpm range for the Boxster GTS and for the Cayman GTS at the 4,750 rpm to 5,800 rpm range – perfect for potent gear changes when accelerating.

This results in a weight-to-power ratio for the Cayman GTS of 8.70lb/hp and for the Boxster GTS 8.99lb/hp.

Standard on both mid-engine GTS models is the Sports Chrono package. When combined with the dual clutch transmission Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) as well as the active Sports Plus button, the Boxster GTS does the 0 to 60 sprint in 4.7 seconds and the Cayman GTS in just 4.6 seconds.

The 6-speed manual transmission equipped GTS Boxster reaches a maximum speed of 281 km/hr, the first Boxster model to get over the 173 mi/hr barrier. The Cayman GTS top speed is even quicker at 177 mi/hr. When equipped with PDK, the combined fuel consumption of both models is 2.8 gal/62 mi.

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Recently, Consumer Reports published a study which has confirmed that Porsche Boxster is the car to beat. Consumer Reports evaluated the Porsche Boxster along with Audi TT, Mercedes-Benz SLK, and BMW Z4. According to Edmunds, the report stated that that Porsche’s new Boxster convertible is the perfect blend of new features, fun-to-drive character, and a striking style.

Consumer Reports is the world’s largest independent product-testing organization. Using its more than 50 labs, auto test center, and survey research center, the nonprofit rates thousands of products and services annually. Founded in 1936, Consumer Reports has over 8 million subscribers to its magazine, website and other publications.

Consumer Report’s engineers found the Boxster to be quick and agile, with an invigorating engine note. Braking is superb, while turn-in response is telepathic, and the body stays even-keel. All of that makes it truly fun to drive.  Under the hood, the Boxster is powered by a 265-horsepower, 2.7-liter flat-six engine while the Boxster S gets a 315-hp, 3.4-liter flat-six. A six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is available for both engines.

As for safety, there are two separate side airbags for both occupants. The thorax side airbag inflates from the seats’ outside bolster, while side airbags also deploy from the top of the door, for head protection. As is required of all new cars as of the 2012 model year, the Boxster has antilock brakes and an electronic stability system with traction control.

Stop by a local Porsche dealer to see the impeccable interior of the Boxster, which carries over the layout from Porsche’s 911, Panamera and Cayenne, with a long center console housing the shifter and various buttons leading up into a large multimedia touch-screen. Other interior features include a 4.6-inch screen integrated with gauge cluster, available Bose premium stereo, available dual-zone automatic climate control and available navigation system.

To see the countless features of the Porsche Boxster for yourself, visit Porsche of Tucson.